Through sponsorship programs, remedial classes, mentoring initiatives, social innovation and a focus on promoting girls’ education, we are revolutionizing education in refugee camps and disadvantaged communities. Membership at KEP is open to individuals who share our vision and support our mission. As a member, you will have the opportunity to make a difference by actively participating in our programs and contributing to our vibrant community. Together, we can bring out a visionary youth generation and create lasting change.

Mission & Vision Statements

Empowering youth through education and mentorship, while promoting inclusive learning and girls' education.
Bringing out a visionary youth generation.

Core Services

Committed to realizing the vision and mission statement through a multifaceted approach that revolves around specialized tutoring programs, sponsorship of programs and students, youth mentorship and promotion of girls' education.


Addressing Urgent Needs: Empowering refugee youth through education tackles critical challenges.
Lasting Community Impact: Investing in their education enhances communities economically and socially.
Building Resilience: Programs help refugee youth overcome challenges, fostering resilience and growth.

About KEP

We promote equal access to quality education in Kakuma Refugee Camp, empowering students to reach their full potential. Through tutoring, sponsorship, mentorship, and promotion of girls’ education, we foster inclusivity, accountability, and a brighter future for all disadvantaged groups.
Membership: Over 15 members, from diverse communities.

Core Values


Ensuring responsible governance, transparency, and effective resource utilization to deliver meaningful impact and meet our commitments.


Empowering students through mentorship, resources, and support to unlock their full potential.


We actively engage with local communities, organizations, and volunteers to maximize our impact and drive sustainable change.


Promoting equal access to quality education for all students, regardless of background or circumstances.

4-Year History

The Kakuma Empowerment Program originated as the Kakuma Mentorship Warriors, founded by Akon Juach, a University of Calgary student pursuing Communication and Media with a minor in Health and Society.Supported by allies Ajah Malual, studying Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan, and Grace Nyibol, a student in Economics (Data Science) and Public Policy at the University of Toronto, the initiative officially launched on July 9, 2021, aligning with South Sudan's independence day.

The Kakuma Empowerment Program has undergone a transformative journey, transitioning from its inception as the Kakuma Mentorship Warriors. This evolution underscores the founders' steadfast commitment to education. Together, they have actively shaped the program, placing emphasis on shared dreams and unwavering dedication.

One year later, from the effort in tutoring of candidate classes, one of our beneficiaries led the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in Tumaini Girls’ and secured a scholarship to the University of Toronto. Similarly, three of our male beneficiaries scored a C+ and above in the Kenya Certificate of Education last year and look forward on joining tertiary education.

The group also focused on developing leaders and a sustainable leadership transition plan as most of the members would be flying out for university studies each year. This pool of abroad members end up join our pool of donors; a sense of gratitude and giving back to the refugee community that facilitated their growth.

KEP got into a very crucial partnership with the Global Refugee Youth Network, who offered a 2000 US$ award that went into funding special awareness programs. This, as well as a South Sudansese independence day T-shirt drive done by members in Canada, helped realize the scholarship programming as the team started working on a candidate selection plan.

The year had tremendously successful events ranging from community awareness on campaigns on importance of girl child education, role of mental health in our community and how to improve it and got more social media and on ground presence in Kakuma Camp.

Year started well with the scholarship advert going out and a formation of scholarship application review committee. With the goal of increasing the number of sponsored students each year, the team plans to work on more fundraising activities alongside regular routine projected.

A new crucial partnership with CouldYou will see KEP bring menstrual cups to Kakuma girls; a move to help End Period Poverty in the camps.

Ongoing Projects

Welcome to our Ongoing Projects page, where innovation meets impact. Explore our current initiatives, each a testament to our commitment to creating positive change. From empowering communities to fostering education, these projects embody our vision for a better future. Dive into the details and discover how we're actively shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Ongoing Routine Projects

Our ongoing remedial and supplementary tutoring in Kakuma refugee camp has been a resounding success, addring the resource gap and providing vital support to students.
With attendance as high as 72 form four students and 48 form three students, the team meets on Saturday, 7:30am til 2pm; with both in class and one-on-one tutoring in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.
The subject selection is based on performance in Kakuma school and the level of resource gap in the schools for each subject considered.

Mentrual Cup Drive

Formed a new partnership with Elimisha Kakuma will see KEP bring menstrual cups to,
Kakuma girls; a move to help End Period Poverty in the camps.

Scholarship Application Review and Award

With the 3rd of Jan as the hard deadline, the team collects all the application forms and material for a review that runs for the upcoming three weeks culminating in selection of the most deserving talent from the pool for a 4-year scholarship through secondary school in Kenyan.

The selection criteria is always purely on academic talent, financial adversity,community service and the student's passions, character, leadership; traits reflect their ability to succeed at secondary school education & boarding schools.

Application Eligibility:

  • 370+ & 350+ KCPE marks for boys & girls respectively.
  • 2 recommendation letters, a personal statement, community service essay.
  • KCPE Results slip & class 7-8 transcript.
  • UNHCR Manifest.

Meet Current KEP Leaders

KEP has democratic general elections every year and a sustainable leadership transition plan.
Below are the current leaders for the year 2023-2024, with most of them being in the camp and Kenya.

Angok Ayuen - Chairperson

Angok is a highly hands on person with lots of skills and love for basketball.

Meshake Stephen - Secretary

Meshake loves football, and enjoys thought provocative conversions with his peer.

Magok Tong - Secretary

Magok is a calm yet highly talkertive and engaged person. He loves reading and gaming.

Reng Kueth - Treasurer

Reng is a highly organized person who thrives in routines and structured tasks.

KEP Gallery

Step into our gallery section, a visual journey capturing the heart and soul of our charity organization's impactful work and events,
showcasing the moments that define our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those we support.

"Footprint of the Steps into the Future"

Ice Breaker

Student doing a ice breaker at start of mentorship session.

Members & Teachers

Selfless members who tutor every weekend in the Camp.

Student Excitement

A school visit to Cush Primary School in the Camp.

Curious Student

Questions, the spark that ignites flames of knowledge.

TEP Tech Guru

A women in tech inspires kids to learn coding.

KEP Launch Party

KCSE candidates excited about the extra help!

Community Awareness Sessions

Mental health talks and role in school success.

Keep Listeners

Amazing levels of attention as KEP presented at lauch.

KEP Blog

Explore our blog for a firsthand look into the impactful work and events our charity organization undertakes, providing
a closer view of the meaningful initiatives shaping positive change in the communities we serve.

Menstrual Cup Workshop Success

CouldYou and KEP organized an impactful workshop, educating and donating menstrual cups to the community. The dedicated girls led with exceptional leadership, ensuring its success and advancing menstrual health education. We're grateful for their efforts and remain committed to promoting menstrual hygiene equity. Excited to witness the positive impact of our collective endeavors.

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KEP 2024 Scholarship Recipients

After an extensive review, we are proud to have selected and sent to school two girls; Ateny Ajol & Naneia Daud. Nadeia joined the highly reputable national school St. Brigid's Girls High School Kiminini with 406 marks as Ateny joined same caliber of schools St. Joseph Girls High School Kitale with 376 marks. Looking forward to seeing thm thrive!

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South Sudan Independence Day T-Shirt Sale for KEP

KEP organized a South Sudan independence day branded T-shirts sales across Canada to support refugee scholarships in Kakuma camp. The initiative harnessed community backing, selling shirts to raise funds for this impactful cause. This demonstrates our commitment to social responsibility, using a straightforward approach to contribute significantly to refugee education.

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The Official Launch of KEP Activity in Kakuma Camp

After intensive planning and paperwork, KEP officially launched its formal activity in Kakuma Refugee Camp by hosting high school and grade 8 students in a party that involved motivational speeches, awards to top performing students across camps schools and general public awareness of how to reach KEP's services. KEP was excited to make an impact.

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collaboration, as we welcome the chance to engage with our community and partners.

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Postal Address
Kakuma Refugee Camp, Turkana County, Kenya
P O BOX 58-00200
Phone: +(254) 746-385685
E-mail: info@kakumaempowermentprogram.com